French & British traditional gardens


English & France style gardens


Formal: potager, knot garden - each is high maintenance but can be designed to the needs of Australian gardeners. These varieties of garden themes incorporate many formal elements highly, including topiary and hedging, and areas of taken care of backyard highly. These gardens frequently have high water requirements to keep them looking lush in the harsh Australian sun. These traditional garden designs are suitable to small areas because of the extensive watering and maintenance requirements, nonetheless they can even be designed on a grand level where in fact the resources can be found. Very appealing visually, they are the quintessential show-off garden, usually offering as beautiful and incredibly ostentatious display backyards set for large properties. If all else fails, be sure to make use of the landscaping services in singapore.


Informal: The British Cottage landscapes theme is casual in style, boasting blended plantings of colourful and fragrant plant life overflowing from garden bedrooms. A number of groundcovers, flowering annuals and perennial flowering shrubs and climbers throughout your garden create an unplanned effect bursting with variety. This theme is comparable to the Bush garden theme for the reason that the theory is to make a natural effect, similar to a field or woodland of wildflowers. This theme is quite zero-maintenance, and can be considered a waterwise option depending on plants chosen. A cottage garden carries a kitchen garden or potager for growing fruit and vegetables often, fruit and herbs. This kind or kind of garden can be adapted to a container garden or courtyard, and is perfectly suitable for larger properties, requiring little maintenance once established. These landscapes are excellent for bringing in animals and pests.